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Payment Application or POS? Knowing the difference can save you big!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Payment Applications and Point of Sales (POS) applications are horses of a different color. For example, Clover and Square fit into the Payment Application (Payment Apps) category whereas Sunami POS is classified as a POS. POS is a commmerical grade, business management system used by merchants to manage their business in a comprehensive way. It provides the merchant with critical management information to help the merchant make money and manage risk. Payment applications, on the other hand, though sometimes confused with or representated as a POS, are really just a robust payment systems which make credit card payments easy but provide few tools essential to running the business. Too often merchant account sales people will mislead a merchant into thinking a Payment App is a POS which can have disasterous results for the merchant and result in a high number of dissatisfied users and bad online reviews for the Payment App provider. Of course POS systems are more expensive that Payment Apps - but you get what you pay for - like anything else in this world. The business value from using a POS will pay for itself many times over.

Sunami POS

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