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David Conrad

A Letter from our CEO and Founder:  

Sunami POS was born out of the recognition that independent operators deserve an affordable, full-featured POS system sourced from an experienced and reliable company that will be around to support the system after the sale.

The internet is full of suspect and unscrupulous suppliers of all sorts of products including POS systems. Buyers ask: Will the supplier be around to support me a few years later? What sort of hidden charges will surprise me later? Will they pick up the phone when my system crashes?  Sunami POS has been around since 2010 with thousands of happy customers. Our agreements are transparent so you know what to expect. 

What is different about Sunami POS? Current POS systems targeted at independents operators provides similar functionality across basic POS functions like ringing up a sale, inventory, etc. but lack in robust marketing and customer facing features. In the end, however, it is these very features that are essential to the survival of the "independents".

Sunami POS arms you with the same tools that the big guys use but without the big price tag.  Our product draws on the operations, marketing and customer retention best practices used by large multi-billion dollar restaurant owners and makes them available to independent restaurant owners. 


When you engage Sunami POS, we bring our new technology solutions along with deep market experience to your project.  We customize our hardware and software to your unique environment and you purchase only what you want.

Please schedule a demo or order a trial and we'll show you how to use technology as a competitive weapon and take your business to the next level!
   Warm Regards,
   David Conrad  

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